Monday, October 11, 2010

apple and parsnip soup

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With the apples, cider, and parsnips in this recipe, this is the perfect fall farmer's market soup. Over the weekend I made apple-parsnip soup from Cooking Light magazine's October 2010 issue (which is full of great fall recipes, in case you're looking for some inspiration!) I used parsnips from my Parker Farm CSA, and a couple of Gala apples that were a bit past their prime. I love any excuse to use my immersion blender! I love the spices used in this soup and the soup had a great texture to it. Again, another hearty fall soup that can be converted to a vegan version if you use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock. (I omitted the creme fraiche garnish.)

By the way, here's a great diagram of which apples are suitable for cooking, baking, and eating. It's very handy and I downloaded it to my iPhone so that I can refer to it while I am at the store.