Monday, October 12, 2009

weekend baking

I did a bit of baking yesterday... which went better than my attempt at cassoulet!

I have used this recipe for old-fashioned oatmeal honey apple cake from Cooking Light magazine many times before. Usually I use chunky store-bought applesauce and I use a heavy hand with spices. This time I used a spiced plum and apple sauce that I made earlier in the week, using CSA plums and apples. The cake was too thick, so the glaze didn't penetrate. I should have used a bigger pan.

I also made a loaf of jacked-up banana bread using a recipe I found at Smitten Kitchen. I skipped the bourbon, I used 4 bananas, I opted for more sugar rather than less, and I added more than a pinch of cloves. Finally I threw in 1/2 c walnuts. It was quick and easy - I mashed everything together using a potato masher, saving me the trouble of cleaning up the mixer.

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